Oh my, an update is here…

Posted 21 July 2004, 01:12 | by | Perma-link

Yes, there is finally another update on this site! Both in the physical sense of a new posting that's going to sit on this site and never get read, and also in the ethereal sense of a (slightly) new look and feel.

I've revamped the layout so that it's easier for me to extend and update, I've also tweaked the way the site works so that:

  1. Memorable URIs work (allegedly, I may need to work on a few more).
  2. Blogger Posts now link properly to their posts.
  3. Because of (2) you can now add comments to almost all my posts this year…
  4. Multiple stylesheets are supported - try them if you're using Firefox, there should be a funky style sheet button available in the bottom left corner of the browsers status bar labeled "Switch to an alternate stylesheet".
    This currently doesn't remember the different selections by default, so I'll work on that.

Things still left to do:

  1. Link up old tutorials
  2. Link up the Galleries - I had three different systems last time, I'm looking to put them all in to one, but in a more structured way.
  3. Link up my old downloads.
  4. Add more content over time.
  5. Finish off the css, so it consistently uses em sizes rather than points.
  6. Go to bed - look at the time now, and I've got a Performance Review at work tomorrow…

With (4) in mind, I've got a few bits and pieces linked to at work that I can add now that this is all working, that I'll over the coming few days.

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