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Posted 11 October 2011, 16:29 | by | Perma-link

There are a number of useful blog posts out there on the web that talk you through setting up SharePoint's People search correctly however the following were increadibly useful to me:

Corey Roth's "How to set up People Search in SharePoint 2010" was the most helpful for me - however I think there's something different about the instance of SharePoint I'm running:

When Corey suggests giving the Default Content Access account rights in the User Profile Service Application, I didn't have the option of "Retrieve People Data for Search Crawlers", however giving it access to "User Profile Application" and "User Profile Service Application Proxy" seems to work quite nicely*.

Also, as all my browsers are set up to be British English for preference over US English, or just English, we weren't seeing any of the Nickname or Phonetic search features that are included in SharePoint 2010.

Thanks to Kristof Kowalski's post "SharePoint Server 2010 Phonetic and Nickname Search" and the results of his support request, we were able to get this working for all our British speaking users Wink, and now searching for "Benjamin" will bring me back as "Ben".

* Having finally installed Service Pack 1, and the June, August and October Cumulative Updates the permissions list now matches Corey's blog.

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