Doodle Grouper Released

Posted 05 April 2011, 11:25 | by | | Perma-link

Update: There's now a "How-To" guide to Doodle Grouper 28/11/2011

Doodle Grouper LogoA quick update to say that I've recently pushed out an updated version of my Seesmic Desktop plugin Doodle Grouper - note that the marketplace version is a bit old, but is the quickest way to install it, and it will auto-update to the latest version.

Key changes since the last update:

  1. Much smaller download - easy mistake to make, I'd left the references as "Copy Local", seeing as I'm either referencing core framework libraries, or the main Seesmic SDK libraries, there's no need for me to include a copy of them.
  2. Controllable memory footprint - one of the issues with this plugin is that it delivers updates to new timelines, which seems to have a fairly impressive impact on memory usage in the SLLauncher process. I've added a plug-in wide setting that will limit the app to only keeping a certain number of updates in each group.
  3. Controllable logging - as I've added more logging to the plug-in, which no-one else should care about, it makes sense to disable this by default, obviously now that Seesmic uses a database file for persistent storage, it means I can't hack around in an XML file to change this, so I've had to add a check-box to my settings page, and I guess I'll be in trouble if I break the settings template at the same time as something else.


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