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    • Slipped again...

      Ok, after exchanging a few emails with Blogger Support over how the BlogItemPermalinkURL works, and whether or not it actually does what the support doc claims, I've not worked on the site too much, as I need to redesign some of the folder structure too, but that does mean that we'll have some proper systems in place to ensure the item templates work, and we can all get through to the comments…

    • StreetMap Searches

      I've just added a set of search plugins for the Mozilla Firefox to zhaph, in the newly created Downloads Section

      These enable you to perform quick searches on Street Map using London Street, Street Name and Postcode from the Firefox search box.

    • Oh my, an update is here…

      Yes, there is finally another update on this site! Both in the physical sense of a new posting that's going to sit on this site and never get read, and also in the ethereal sense of a (slightly) new look and feel.

    • Handy Utils 1.0

      A selection of handy tools that I use quite often:

      • CreateShortcut util - Dead hand little app that enables you to quickly add a link to an application in your Start menu.
      • The Regulator - Ok, so we all know RegEx, but this is a fine sandbox for quickly testing out your expressions and searching for handy snippets.
      • Snippet Compiler - A bit like Ronseal™ this, it does exactly what it says on the tin, and compiles snippets of code, loads up a lot faster than VS, so quite handy when discussing stuff.
    • Well, that was painful

      So, I've just had the joy of going through all my old posts (only 53 of them at the last count), and adding in <br /> tags in all the line breaks - I don't like the way Blogger was adding paragraph tags everywhere, causing all sorts of havoc, so I turned off the feature in the formatting settings… which broke all the archive pages. This meant I had to go through each post, add the tags, and publish each one as I went, there's doesn't seem to be a way to edit them all, mark them all as ready to publish, but don't publish just yet, and then bulk publish them all. Slow. But can't really complain, it's not what you're supposed to do, go back and change history.

    • Handy Utils 1.1

      Another useful tool I thought I'd missed the boat on:

      [Update 2004/07/26: they moved it...]

    • Handy Utils 1.2

      Remembered a couple of others too:

      • Luke Hutteman's SharpReader - Like many other tools around, it's an RSS aggregator
      • The GIMP - Available on Windows too, the GNU Image Manipulation Program is getting more like Photoshop each day
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