Permalinks currently broken

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Ok, so I looked into creating rss feeds today, and setting up post pages (ie, one page per posting), which broke all the permalinks, and when I undid the change, and reposted a couple of items, they stayed broken, but in a different way >:(

Looks like I'll have to sort that out properly this weekend (cast removal not withstanding).

Oh, and if anyone's interested the RSS feeds can be found here.

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Blimey! Three posts in as many days!

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Blimey! Three posts in as many days!

Is it nearly time for righteous indignation? Lego™ have released some pink minifigs! I know the focus isn't good - not sure what was going on there, I'll work on it more when my arm's not in plaster, but in the mean time:
Pink Minifigs
Luke, bottom right is the standard minifig yellow, while Han, sitting next to Chewbacca, is most definitely pink.

Looks like all of the new Harry Potter sets also use pink minifigs - can't say as I'd noticed before.

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Excuses, excuses

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Ok, well, once again it's been some time since I last updated this, and as you may have noticed, I haven't really posted about Unreal in some time…

I've changed the focus of this blog from Unreal to Development; whether it be code, Dungeon Siege, X2, Flight Sim or Unreal related.

Hopefully this way I'll be able to post a bit more info.

Now for the excuses - I broke my arm last week, so don't expect any major work on this in the next week or so :(

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