It's Another Boy!

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Wow, how time flies, and how technology improves...

Only two and half years ago, the best we could really hope for for Zachary's scans where this:
Zachary's Scan

We've just had a twenty week scan of our new baby, and got a "4D" scan - these were being touted at the Baby Show's we went to before Zach was born, for at least £150:
The new baby

Anyway, it's all very exciting, and we're looking forward to October Grin.

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Search Engine Optimisation guru...

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Hmm, that's quite impressive. We only launched doodleTunes, Music for the Under 5's last week, and we're already the top result in Google for "Music for the under 5's" and "Music for the under 5's Beckenham". Who say's we don't know what we're doing here? ;)

doodleTunes at the top!

All I need to do now I guess is work on "Music for the under fives" and I'll be there.

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