Spent most of my spare time working on the site

Posted 06 February 2001, 16:18 | by | Perma-link

Right (new word to start a post with!), spent most of my spare time last night working on the site itself, rather than the level, but we'll get there Wink. Main changes there - Web Sites section now has some examples, there's one screen grab missing, but that's cause the site's nolonger available, but I do have a back up of it somewhere at home, so I hope to have that in place tomorrow, along with some images for the gallery.

You never know, we might be able to launch this site soon! Currently racing beatsurrender.co.uk to go live - but he'll have more on-going content than me…

Good news though, I've cleared my decks for the w/end, so I should be able to make massif progress then Grin.

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