Made the level unplayable now

Posted 11 February 2001, 17:20 | by | Perma-link

Oops! Made the level completely unplayable now (on my home box at any rate - only a 700Mhz PIII with 128Mb RAM, 32Mb GeForce DDR), the level's gone from about the 700kb that it was last w/end to a wopping 5Mb today. Doh!

I think I've somewhat over done the poly count (12,449), and the node count(29,237), as when you try and play in the office, it just chugs and judders, not good at all.

Yep, just checked "DM-Oblivion" (good tip that - always look at other peoples work - especially the levels that came with Unreal), and it has the following:
Brushes: 255, Zones: 2, Ploys: 1,098, Nodes: 2,337, Lights 152
Compared to mine:
Brushes: 144, Zones: 3, Polys: 12,449, Nodes: 29,237, Lights 125

Seeing as I haven't even nearly finished, (I have at least 20 more distinct rooms, and another 100 or more desks to go, plus desk furniture (computers, phones), chairs (maybe not!)), I think I've got to rebuild the desks and drawers again Sad.

Ok, there we go, just so you know. But I'll put the level up tomorrow so you can see…

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