More info follows…

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Right as promised, more info follows…

I've managed to get from having a real cabinet sitting under my desk to having a very poor representation of one in my level, but as a decoration rather than as a detail brush - I may still have trouble with the overall poly count - I'm still working on that, and will let you know - but build times will be significantly reduced.

The one stumbling block I had was the location of the _a and _d 3d files in my new package folder - I'd moved my class file, bit not the model files.

Slow down, I'm getting ahead of myself - will write a few tutorials - I'll come back and cover the basics if I really need to later… really do need a proper semblance of a Content Management solution - should I cheat and move my site to a new server where I can piggy back off another CM solution we've developed? Doubt it Wink

Right, so off and make some tutorials… (Wow, three posts in one day, making up for lost time now I guess…)

Wow! Just noticed that Milkshape 1.5 is out - Yay! Grin

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