Some progress

Posted 05 March 2001, 11:33 | by | Perma-link

I did manage to do some work on the level over the weekend :D - not a great deal though, but here's where we are at:

Fixed the windows between rooms - these now display their textures properly, and still shatter, have transparency etc, also took a decision on desks.

Due to the limitations of the actors collision radii (ie they are cylindrical - not too good if you have a rectangular desk), and the fact that don't show damage decals, I've decided that the desks can stay as semi-solid brushes within the level, but I've cut their poly-count down. I may take it further if I think I can get away with it. Cabinets will stay as actors though, and will be fine as soon as I can work out where I can change the texture for the wood fragments.

I'm about to do a tutorial on windows, mainly because there are a lot out there, that really go around the houses - either suggesting that you need to make them slightly smaller than the hole, or doing all sorts of odd things, all of which are tosh if you look at some real levels. But you'll be able to find it in the Intermediate Tutorials later this week.

Till next time.

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