Trials with .Net 3.0 Framework

Posted 27 June 2006, 17:00 | by | | Perma-link

Or, "Quick hack to get Windows Presentation Foundation running with Firefox".

I have FF installed on my desktop, it's my default browser, and this is, in general "a good thing". However, I've just installed the latest bits of the .Net Framework, and things are not all well in the world.

Attempting to debug (or even open) an .xbap or .xaml file resulted in FF starting up, and asking if I wanted to open this file with the "Windows Presentation Foundation Host". Well, of course I did! So FF asked me again, and again, each time opening a new tab - Don't check that little box "Don't ask me about this file type again", FF will just keep opening new tabs.

To get around this for now, as a quick fix I did the following:
Tools | Options | Downloads
View & Edit Actions
Scroll down in the list, and select the XBAP, and change the action to Internet Explorer, and the world's all happy again.

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