Ben removed the BBC iPlayer application.

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And not just the facebook one.

I mean, come on, I fit the requirements - I have broadband, that supposedly runs fairly close to 8Meg, I've got IE installed somewhere, and I have Windows XP still - I know, luddite.

So, I missed Tribe last night, and a quick scan of the EPG on my freeview box implied that it wasn't repeated - I'd not looked that hard, it is repeated at 12:10am on Sunday.

I finally get around to checking out the iPlayer site that I got a login for last month, find the episode of Tribe I'm after, and click Download. No, wait, click Install, and then come back, and click Download. No, wait, register again with a new user name and password that I choose, even though I still need to use the rubbish one they supplied to get to the listings.

I finally start downloading Tribe... 800+Meg. Now, from other sites I can easily pull down 1G in about an hour or so, so I think this shouldn't be a major headache...

Oh, should I mention I'll only have 5 days to view this?

While I wait, we watch last weeks episode of Heros on the Freeview box, no time limits to when I can watch that, I just watch it.

Go back 60 minutes later, and we're at 100Meg downloaded - I was expecting atleast half of it. Meh. Whatever. I've set the freeview box to record it on Sunday morning, and I'll watch it on the sofa in the lounge.

Ben removed the BBC iPlayer application and Kontiki P2P service.

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