Web 2.0 Goodness!

Posted 02 May 2008, 01:02 | by | | Perma-link

Wow, look at me entering the new web dawn already!

I've finally implemented some Web 2.0 goodness, there's now some tagging on this site - go check out the Albums if you don't believe me ;), clearly I've not finished tagging everything - and Zach's name is going to be the biggest thing on the page by the time I've finished - he's in nearly every picture we've taken since December 2004!

However, like the blogs, they aren't truely web 2.0, as they aren't user generated, but then, that's what our SEO guys tell us to do as well...

On top of that, it's all been powered up with Linq to Sql goodness, more posts on my trials and tribulations with that to follow (things like Enumerating over your results from Stored Procs; How to get a single entity from a Linq Query; etc) - in case you hadn't noticed, the albums are based (loosely now) on the Album Component of the Personal Web Site Starter Kit - there was so much dubious code in there (that's still in the recently updated, Linqified one) that I've cleaned out - not closing the files it's opened from the file system etc - I thought these were supposed to be "Best Practice Showcases" as well as "Hey, look what you can do" type things?

I've also got to get back to the MCMS and .Net 3.5 series now the site has finally launched - I also need to add to that a post on How to get MCMS development started under Visual Studio 2008.

Clearly, I'm going to be busy...

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