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Posted 01 March 2010, 22:02 | by | | Perma-link

A couple of updates on stuff:

  1. Just before Christmas I launched a new website for our church: Holy Trinity Beckenham (let's say it was a "soft launch" Wink). This was built using the amazing N2 CMS, which gave me everything I was looking for in a content management system, running in ASP.NET MVC, without me having to build the bulk of it - I'll do some posts in the future on the tweaks I made to it.
  2. You should now be able to subscribe to the latest blogs and (the new/re-instated) latest photos feeds directly from the homepage of this site. The latest photos can also be found on the albums page, and each album now has it's own latest photos feed as well.

I've also realised that I only mentioned half of the solution to a problem in my last post on moving from Linq to SQL to Entity Framework - namely how I solved the lazy loading of properties - it's there in the picture, but I haven't spelt it out, so there's another post coming on that.

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