Editing Reports in TFS 2010

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Team Foundation Server 2010 will happily install and configure Reporting Server for you to power all your reporting needs, but I've come up against the following issue when attempting to modify the existing reports, or create new ones:

When you click on "Report Builder" from the Reporting Services web interface, it opens up the click once application "Report Builder 1.0".

This application cannot open the reports that come with TFS process templates, and that are installed on Reporting Services - the error it reports is:

Cannot open this item
This report cannot be opened in Report Builder.

And if you check the details you see:

System.IO.StreamReader: The Report element was not found.

Which is odd, seeing as if I open the .rdl file in a text editor, I can clearly see the root Report element in there.

If you get the latest (at the time of writing 3.0) version of Report Builder, it will not connect to Reporting Services - it keeps claiming that either the services aren't configured, or I don't have permissions.

However, if you install version 2 of Report Builder, almost all your woes go away, and you can open and edit reports to your hearts content.

The only outstanding woe I had was when I opened a report from the server, edited it, and saved it and then my report appeared to break, claiming that the TfsOlapReportDS was invalid. To resolve that, I had to switch to the Properties tab of the report in the browser, select DataSources and re-map the report to the correct shared data source - once I'd done that, all future saves worked fine.

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