Using Animated Lower Thirds in OBS Studio

Posted 14 November 2021, 16:28 | by | Perma-link

I've been playing around with OBS recently, and having fun pushing various tools to their limits.

One that I've found is great, but suffering a little from lack of documentation is Animated Lower Thirds with Dockable Control Panel , so I thought I'd post a few helpful notes.


Often, the tool won't do anything if certain fields are empty. Usually adding a space to a field you want to leave blank is sufficient.


The video tutorials show how to import Google Fonts into the tool, but sometimes you want to use a font you've purchased and installed on you machine. Referencing these is actually fairly easy as the browser control is running the HTML page locally on your machine:

  1. Expand the Main Settings section, and "Show more" so you can see the three buttons.
  2. Select "Customs"
  3. For the custom font fill it in as:
    Font Family: font-family: 'Ale and Wenches BB', serif;
    @import url: (single space)
    It's important to include the , serif or similar in the font family field otherwise the font name displays as ' in the other editors
    Adding custom font
    You should then see your local font appear as an option to select in the lower third controls - remember that they don't appear in alphabetical order
    Selecting a custom font
    Using a custom font

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